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High Performance In A Compact And Low Price Package

The new Reply® (Worldwide) is a small, sleek, and robust frequency hopping spread spectrum system. Because it operates in the unlicensed 2.4GHz band, it's available for sale to US (FCC certified), Canada (IC certified), and Europe (CE certified) as well as many other international regions/countries.

Technical Specifications

User Identification
  • Each keypad has a RF device identity (“address”) between 1-250 plus a channel identity between either 1-15 (standard version; stock item) or 1-72 (custom arena version; special order item; special terms and pricing apply).
    • Addresses are user programmable.
  • Each keypad also has a unique device serial number.
    • Serial numbers are permanent and set during manufacturing.
  • Both the address and serial number may be transmitted with each keypad’s response.
User Input
  • 15 keys. Ten numeric keys for entering multiple choice responses. Three ‘soft’ keys available for special use. “Asterisk” and “Clear” keys provide extra functions.
  • Entries can be “speed scored” to 0.05 second (50 millisecond) resolution to identify group response sequence (‘fastest finger’) during competitive events.
  • Seven segment LED is easy to read in all lighting conditions.
  • Display shows numbers (1-9, 0) and soft key symbols (1-3 bars in stock configuration).
  • Display shows user entry plus confirms when the Base Station accepts the keypad’s input.
  • Spread spectrum technology is designed to operate in an indoor area 450 x 450 feet (150 x 150 meters).
  • A room’s geometry and RF propagation characteristics will influence actual range experienced. Elevating the base station often results in a performance advantage.
  • 250 keypads per Base Station channel identity.
    • Stock configuration: Default. 15 identities available for 3,750 keypads per room/site.
    • Arena configuration: Non-stock, special terms and pricing apply. Up to 72 identities for 18,000 users per venue.


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