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Uses & Benefits
How ?

EasyVOTE is a wireless response system that enhances interactivity in conferences, meetings, member elections ... or animate your booth or your classroom

EasyVOTE allows a large number of people (up to 3750 per site) to deliver their views quickly and anonymously (or not) to a wide range of questions on an infinite number of subjects

No more paper, real-time anwers, displays them back to the audience in colorful, easy to read charts, or keep the data confidential

Encourage participation, improve comprehension, increase retention, add excitement, enthusiasm, ... and fun, too!

With over 600,000 keypads sold, Reply® has been recognized as the top-selling and most widely used wireless (RF) audience response technology in the world

Get the very best from technology with the highest possible level of quality, efficiency and dedication to customer service

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