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    How much does a typical meeting cost? 

    Due to the unique nature of the products and services we offer, all pricing is done by quotation

    How many people can participate at one time? 

    Our e-voting system supports 250 keypads per channel with 15 different channels. This equates to a maximum of 3750 keypads

    Can I break the group into teams? 

    Yes, the software allows for keypads to be assigned to teams both in advance and in real-time. Teams are often used for competitions as well as collecting and viewing data based on demographic information. 

    Can a keypad be assigned to a specific person? 

    Yes, keypads can be individually assigned and tracked

    Can the software be customized to incorporate my needs? 

    Yes, our software was written in house by our own programmers. Given enough lead time we can work with you to create a new game, a special type of polling, or any other customization needed for your event. 

    Can I get a printed report after the meeting? 

    Yes, we can provide you with several different standard reports. Your data may also be imported into a spreadsheet or database for more detailed analysis.

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